My New Favorite

Every time I'm in Paris, usually looking at handbags, I notice most Parisian women and girls carrying the Longchamp Le Pliage and every year I think, it looks so good, but I know I'll never carry it. Now I can say, that was every time until this time, when out of sheer necessity I took the plunge and bought one and I LOVE it! Once I handed over my 79 euros (88 dollars) and thew all of my necessities, non-necessities, snacks, scarves and shoes into my new bag I realized why everyone carries it.

Simple and chic, this navy blue nylon bag weathered the rain and sun, planes and trains, and went with me everywhere day to night like a new best friend which makes me think about all the years gone by and I wonder what had I been waiting for?

#handbags #paris #Longchamp #lepliage

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