Vicky S, Los Angeles

Paige is amazing!

She helped me see the potential in the clothing I already own. She turned me on to pieces in my wardrobe that I was ready to give away that are my new favorites!

Paige is such a great listener, and spending time with her was so enjoyable. Our shopping trip together was such a blast - and now I have a perfect wardrobe that keeps me stylish as I transition between work and family time.

Thanks Paige for everything!


Tami A., Los Angeles CA

What's this It's not an understatement to say that Paige completely changed the way I approach my wardrobe - both dressing and shopping. When I started working in a dressier office environment my closet needed serious retooling. In a few short hours we bagged up so many clothes I hadn't worn in the longest time and had felt guilty about getting rid of, and also some clothes that I really shouldn't have been wearing anymore... But Paige didn't just eliminate things. I'd fallen into a boringness spiral and she showed me how to pair my interesting clothes in new and different ways, to accessorize with belts and scarves, and not worry about it being too much! I've received many compliments about the way I dress since Paige styled me. She also gave me some great guidelines for buying new things. Now I buy things I really love. I make sure I'm not duplicating what's already in my closet but I also think about how anything new will pair with things I already have. Such a worthwhile experience!item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


Jen Z, Venice CA

What's this I’m a surfer / web designer and my style is pretty casual and since I’m a freelancer, I have a limited budget.Paige had me bring over 5 pieces that I already owned but didn’t know how to wear and came up with several amazing outfits that renewed my love in several things that I was about to donate to goodwill.She also encouraged me to try accessorizing which I was resistant to do but now I can’t live without.No matter what your style, budget, figure etc., you’ll be really psyched to have met Paige.item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


Loretta O, Sherman Oaks

I was a bit nervous about having Paige come visit my closet- I dress rather simple and conservative, and by no means did I consider myself fashionable!  I was worried my clothes just weren’t stylish enough.  But Paige’s closet visit completely reversed my way of thinking-  I do have style!  Paige took what I had and put together pieces I never would have imagined- mixing colors, shapes, and accessories that really work on me.  Before I thought everything had to match, but now I feel more confident and daring when I put pieces together.  I feel fabulous and much more excited to wear my own clothes, as Paige has showed me that my style is beautiful!


Jennifer B., Los Angeles

Yesterday, before Paige’s closet visit, I had lots of clothes, shoes and purses and nothing to wear. Today, I have nearly endless outfit possibilities. Paige is like an artist when it comes to styling. I’ve never met someone with more fashion creativity. Paige immediately found great clothing and accessory combinations in my closet I’d have never envisioned myself. The whole afternoon was like a shopping trip in my own home. Even tired old standbys now feel new again. Paige found options for good-but-never-worn items, weeded out what should be donated to charity, showed me what works best for my body type, and gave me alteration advice. She’s a fashion life saver. And she’s energetic, inspiring and lots of fun, too. I highly recommend a closet visit from Paige!


Julie B., Brentwood, CA

Paige has fantastic personal style and a talent for assembling a group of clothes and accessories into many different looks. She recently came over for an afternoon closet visit and worked her magic! After surveying my closet, Paige went through item by item and suggested very chic outfits for both going out and the office; outfits I would have never thought of on my own. Many items hadn’t been worn in months but Paige showed me how they could be worked into my regular rotation to give me many more options. She basically doubled my wardrobe! She also gave me great suggestions on where to shop in L.A. for my personal style  and her advice was dead on. I can’t recommend her enough - treat yourself to a closet visit or shopping trip with Paige and get inspired!

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